Toyota Previa auxiliary front drive shaft, or rear drive shafts for the all wheel drive

We are currently working on an improved Previa auxiliary front shaft, the aftermarket replacement discs on the market today are low quality and do not last.

Call or e-mail us for Previa rear drive shafts!


Hi Dave (and staff),

Just wanted to give you an update.

I ordered a rebuilt auxiliary drive shaft for my trusty 1992 Previa LE  (that by the way, has 344,152 miles on it!) last week after a feeble

attempt at trying to replace the bushings.   Anyway, it arrived Tuesday, Aug. 10 and my technician continued with his installation. He called at the end of the day to say it was ready. When I came for pickup, the technician said that the part was very well made, like OEM, and packaged well; fit right in as was described.

I am thrilled to have my van back and to not have to throw it in neutral at stop lights!

I will package up the core part for return this weekend.   My thanks for doing what you promised, quality workmanship and willingness to get on the phone. What a joy to speak with a real person.

Thanks again.

JT Jones

Columbus , Ohio