Volkswagen Touareg rear drive shaft

2003-2010 $485.00
Experience with knowledge is what sets us apart from others that try to remanufacture these VW Touareg drive shafts.  Being in business over 30 years and having over 15 years of just Touareg drive shaft experience has made Colorado Drive Shaft the leader in VW Touareg remanufactured drive shafts.  These shafts are what we call the “next generation drive shaft” being different in design and function from other drive shafts makes them difficult to remanufacture.  Our secret is easy:  we treat every drive shaft as though it is going on our own personal vehicle, using care and know how only obtained with over time! Using original equipment parts and our high speed balancer insures you of a shaft that operates great right out of the box!  Of course we give you the same warranty as VW offers: full 1 year warranty at near half the price VW charges!  If you live in the lower 48 United States, we ship you out a complete rear shaft (pictured above) for $565.00, this price includes $80.00 for a core charge plus gives you free U.P.S. ground shipping to you.  Included is a pre-paid UPS label to pay shipping back here on your old core!   
When we receive your old shaft we will credit you back $80.00, just do not dent it up with excessive force when removing. Core credit issued back to your Visa, Master Card or Discover, making your net cost $485.00 2003-2010!  V-10 shafts are $525. Call or e-mail if you have any questions.     
Any wear by normal use is acceptable for FULL core credit return.

Your Touareg Specialists
Colorado Drive Shaft


*It has come to our attention of a “heavy duty” Touareg carrier support from Germany that can eliminate your carrier problems for good.  We have researched this and found this HD carrier not to be manufactured in Germany but from China. Our experience is this will not work out.  The carrier supports we supply with our shafts do come directly from Germany and are used on all replacement shafts for the dealers, as well as current Touareg new models.  This original carrier support has been upgraded by the factory for improved function, and in our opinion can not be beat.  We always supply you with the best parts available for your Touareg.  
VW Touareg installation tool and tips:

Installed your drive shaft today and seems to work Ok.
A suggestion for customer support:
Let your buyers know that they need a special tool to remove the aft
bolts from the drive shaft.
I spent more time looking for this thing than I did installing the part!
None of the regular auto supply houses had it nor did Sears. After
going online found that
what I referred to as a 12 point torx bit is actually called a four
square bit or a “serrated wrench”
Napa has these under part no SER2306 (12mm serrated wrench) and it was
less than $8.00.
Also, no need to remove the exhaust. Simply loosen the clamps and undo
the 2 hangers. Was able to slide
the shaft out through the front past the transmission by pulling down
on the exhaust which gave me just enough clearance.
About 3 hours if you haven’t done it before.

Sending the core back tomorrow.
Bill D.



Just wanted to express my thanks for warranty replacement of the drive shaft on my Touareg. The new driveline completely remedied the slight vibration I have been experiencing… Especially as it wasn’t obvious the shaft was causing the issue. Thanks for taking care of me as a customer… and offering the “No questions asked” replacement. Just wanted to let everyone know that these guys are for real… Vlad has taken great care of me as a customer… and has really earned some positive feedback for providing such excellent customer service. Good to know there are still some shops out there like Colorado Drive Shaft… provide a first class customer experience… it’s much appreciated!

Best regards,

Robert C

Nampa, ID




Installation tool and tips:

Be sure to apply e-brake and chock wheels. Car will roll when shaft is
removed.  Wear safety glasses to prevent road dirt from getting you in the
eyes. The car may also need to be moved forward to access upper bolts on
shaft, so be prepared to move car a foot between unbolting shaft.
Let your buyers know that they need a special tool to remove the aft
bolts from the drive shaft. Its called a Triple Square and its 12mm.  NAPA
has a kit that includes 8mm, 10, 12 and 14 for about 8 dollars, but its
just the driver. Germans makers like the triple square so it will come in
handy for other car repairs.  They can use a 1/2 or 13mm wrench to turn
the 12mm 3square or put it on a ratchet if your car has clearance, which
mine did not (2004 V-10 Touareg).
You will also need a 13mm socket, small hammer, a 6 inch extension, an
18mm socket, and an 18mm open end wrench.

Remove 6 rear triple square 12mm from rear of shaft.  Remove the (3) 18mm
nuts and bolts from front of shaft and I recommend removing the (3) 18mm
bolts to the flex plate that connects to the transmission too as the
clearance is tight.  You may have to move car to get to the upper bolts.
Remove 13mm bolts to metal cover plate and bolts to the center drive shaft
Now, prop exhaust first to support exhaust, loosen the exhaust clamps and
tap forward with small hammer, remove center, passenger, then driver
hanger bolts.  Wiggle the shaft to remove the flex disk and lower exhaust
to gently bump shaft forward to allow rear shaft to free from
differential.  Remove shaft and loosely bolt front exhaust hangers for
IF you have all the tools ready to go, the removal should take less than
30 minutes.



Dear Colorado Drive shaft,
> >
> > I would like to thank you for the awesome service I received from you
> > ordering the drive shaft for my Touareg!
> >
> > When I called you where very responsive and the immediate airfreight
> > shipping the same day allowed me to install the shaft directly the next
> > day and had the car up running.
> > The shaft is absolutely well reconditioned. It runs absolutely flawless
> > and balanced. I have already done 2000mls+ with the shaft and everything
> > is perfect.
> >
> > The refund and the preparation for resending the shaft was as well
> > perfectly organized ( UPS card filled out and prepaid).
> >
> > If VW had a service like you have! Unfortunately they do not have and I
> > had made bad experience here in the US. You are light on the horizon!
> >
> > All the best for the future but I will definitely recommend you further
> –
> > 5 stars from my side!
> >
> > Best Regards
> > Andre M.
> > Cincinnati, OH

Hi guys,

I received the drive shaft.

I originally bought an after market drive shaft for my 2005 Porsche Cayenne twin turbo; however the drive shaft wasn’t balanced properly and caused my car to vibrate badly.

I then heard about Colorado Drive Shaft and ordered another drive shaft for my Cayenne, I just had it installed and my car is running like new.

Thank you For the great service.


“I recently investigated, ordered and purchased a VW Touareg tail shaft from Colorado Drive Shaft. What was remarkable about the transaction was how attentive and responsive the service assistant David was and ultimately that the part was perfect for the job. The more notably part of the transaction was that, even though I was located in Western Australia, from ordering to delivery of the part in Australia only 10 days elapsed. Colorado Drive Shaft used Mailbox International and the shipping from Colorado to Perth Western Australia was seamless and trouble free. I’m happy to recommend those services to other consumers. Kind regards, Graeme (Western Australia).”