All Volvo rear drive shaft from the S40 to the XC90 series serviced

Contact us if you are in need of a Volvo rear drive shaft for a 1998 & newer 40, 50, 60, 70, XC70, 80 or XC90 series. After remanufacturing these shafts for over ten years now, we have determined it takes a certain “touch” to produce a vibration free remanufactured shaft. We service the entire shaft including both cv ends plus the center carrier support and joint. It comes balanced, painted and ready to install! With our high speed balancer we are able to precisionally balance all units to give you that quiet smooth ride again. Starting at $485.00 plus a deposit, we can ship anywhere in the 48 States (1998-2007 models). This price includes UPS ground shipping to you and back! It is wise to have your VIN# when ordering. All drive shafts carry a one year warranty and most are in stock ready to ship. Buy with confidence! Contact us if you have shipping needs outside the United States.



**To order call (303) 297-2928 or e-mail ship to name and address

*For our Canadian friends:
Our goal is to have a shaft remanufactured and ready to send out to you when you contact us.
Delivery to Canada is usually between 6 to 10 days, depending on customs cooperation.
We ship through United Parcel Service (UPS). Taxes and duties are the receivers responsibility and can be as low as 10 to 15 percent.
We do provide you a prepaid return label for UPS ground shipping but it is your responsibility to make sure it is sent UPS ground and NOT UPS freight.
To start with send us your VIN# along with a description of vehicle.
Cost will be $100 more than advertised to pay for shipping to Canada and BACK!
We will include a prepaid UPS ground shipping label to pay shipping back here on your old shaft.
We give you a pre-paid UPS label to place on the outside of the container (place it over address label that made it to you) to help in returning your old shaft to us for your $100 refund.
Call or e-mail to order: (phone number will be needed for customs) Paypal or credit card (Visa, Master Card or Discover) best to phone us with card numbers to keep down on stolen #’s through e-mails.


If you are only needing an end replacement, contact us as well.

***If you are in need of the retaining hardware for the rear drive shaft, call your local bolt and nut supplier and ask 

for the following: M8X1.25 metric socket cap bolts, 40mm in length, 12.9 strength, 12 are needed to mount the rear drive shaft, 

Do not tighten bolts over 35 foot lbs.   We now have the “tie washers” the factory gave you, contact us .

This hardware works on the late 98 (last 6 of VIN# higher than 465400) and all models up through 2007.***

Early 98 (last of VIN# lower than 465400) drive shaft bolts are M8X1.25 50mm length.

*Click on this link below if you want to read a professional article on Volvo propeller shaft repair done by 

Chris at Swede Speed:

If you need a new Volvo crossmember extn. for your vehicle call Tasca Parts in Rhode Island @ 401-709-7836, about $100.




I want to thank you for your advice and coaching on the replacement of my relatively low mileage front U-joint (6 bolt c.v.) on my propshaft on my 1998 Volvo V70 XC. I was concerned that the whole shaft assembly would need to be replaced. I also considered replacing the rear U-joint since I already had the whole shaft out of the car. You suggested that since the shaft was of low mileage all that was required was the replacement of the noisy and dried out front U-joint and repacking of the rear joint. You talked me through the U-joint replacement and it was a breeze. The most difficult part of the whole job was removing and reinstalling the propshaft in the car. You were kind enough to also provide me with an additional bag of bearing grease for the rear joint. All told you saved me hundreds of dollars in replacing only the front U-joint rather than selling me the whole shaft assy. You could have easily talked me into it. You were definitely looking out for saving me money on this repair. I will definitely recommend you guys to anybody who I know who is repairing their worn propshaft.

Thanks and best regards,

Robert Willard

Las Vegas, Nevada



Rear driveshaft, 2004 xc70.   November 16, 2015

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

The customer service was excellent, the process was very straight forward, and had great shipping time. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, and even with the exchange rate it was still about $400. cheaper than new. There were no additional charges for importing, and the $100. swap out for the old shaft was quick once they received my old one. As a bonus I put a couple of newspapers from my town in the box just to give them an idea of what’s going on where I live. Hope they enjoyed them. Highly recommend them!

tricky ricky North Bay, Ontario Canada


Good Morning,
The Drive shaft I received from you all for our Volvo XC90 AWD worked out great. Took me a couple of weeks to actually get it in but extremely happy with it. I am sending back my core this afternoon.  Convinced the wife that a $550 drive shaft is a lot cheaper than a $60k+ new XC90.
Thanks again,
Rob B.

February 12, 2015


You guys are awesome!  Just finished installing front CV joint on a Volvo XC70 prop shaft.  Great part, great service, great price.  Just wanted to say thank you

and we will be using you guys again!

Doug H.

Foreign Car Specialists

Madison, WI 53715

April 12, 2013


Hi David,

Just an update that the shaft arrived yesterday, and I’ll be installing it tonight.

Thank you VERY much for the excellent customer service, and for directing me to Mailbox International as Mark also provided top notch service and I really couldn’t be happier.

Rabin    (Canada)

Editors note: Mailbox International also known as We Ship It, is an excellent way to ship our shafts Internationally, look them up on the web:



I recently ordered and received from you a rear drive shaft for my 2000 Volvo V70 XC.

I’m extremely happy to report that the shaft is in place and performing just as it should.

I’m even happier to report that you guys saved me over $700 on just the cost of the shaft alone.







Just wanted to thank you guys for the great product I recently purchased from you for my 04 volvo. It got here just in time for me to bolt it in and have my 4 wheel drive back before New York was slammed with snow storm after snow storm. I am very pleased with your product and have put over 2000 noise and vibration free miles on my Volvo since installing it. Thanks again Colorado Drive Shaft I will be sure to pass your name on to others who can use your service.
Kevin F.   Schenectady NY
04 Volvo XC90 T6. 

Thanks Dave



To have a shaft shipped outside the United States:

For the shipping you need to contact Mailbox International, link below.
Mailbox International or We Ship It is a separate company from us and is located in Rogersville Missouri USA which is 800 miles or 1290 Kilometers from us.
We would ship our shaft to them (shipping costs already included in the price of our shaft) you would pay Mailbox International to ship it to you, pay through Pay-Pal.
The advantage to this is if you order other parts in the United States you can send them all to Mailbox International and they will collect them and try to send you one shipment to save you on individual shipping charges.

Most of our shafts are either 72″ or 86″ in length by 7″X7″, 19-25 pounds.
We also can send you a Pay-Pal invoice to pay off of for our shaft.

To get started, send us an e-mail again stating you want to go ahead with the order, and we will e-mail you a Paypal invoice to pay off of for the shaft. We will then ship the item to Mailbox International and you will pay them for shipping it to you, to a verified Paypal address only.  Be sure to tell us your account# with Mailbox.
Colorado Drive Shaft